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Bechelon aims to provide comprehensive and result oriented Enterprise Solutions Consultation services to South China's Small & Medium Size Firms in the areas of Finance, Trading, Distribution, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing. Our primary industry focus is on manufacturing, distribution, and trading. Combining Software, Hardware, Implementation and Support services, we provided skilled, one on one assistance to companies who have the vision and potential to grow and prosper.

Bechelon targeted to provide one stop Enterprise Solutions to our customers. We study our customers' challenges and provide them with the latest best of breed software and hardware featured through our Partners including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and HP. For more information, please contact us at marketing@bechelon.com.

Mission Statement:

  • Provide result oriented solutions and support services which further facilitated   customers successes
  • Provide strategic enterprise solutions to customers through the use of best of breed consultancy services and appplications.


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